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Replacement-value insurance policy: the Court confirms the obligation of the syndicate and the administrators 

09 December 2014

In a recent judgment of the Court of Quebec, Small Claims Division1, the Court confirms the obligation for the Syndicate and its administrators to take out replacement-value insurance coverage on the entire building of the co-ownership. Failure to do so involves the personal civil liability of the members of the Board of Directors in case of insufficient coverage.

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Protecting your person – 2nd part 

30 November 2014

As a result of what has been written previously it is recommended to choose the person most suitable to take care of your belongings that represent your investment as well as of your person while you can do it! There are therefore two separate sections in a protection mandate, i.e. the protection of your person and property protection. In the section concerning your property you give the right to a person, the agent, to perform certain actions on your behalf in the event that you are incapacitated.

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Repairs to the structure of a floor: The Court decides that they are the responsibility of the syndicate 

10 November 2014

In a recent judgment of the Court of Quebec, Small Claims Division1, the Court had to decide whether the cost of structurally repairing the floor of a condo should be borne by the co-owner or the syndicate.

A couple, owners of a unit in the co-ownership, claims $246.75 for damage in the structure of the floor of the bathroom of their condominium. The couple believes that this concerns a common portion, and therefore the responsibility of the syndicate of co-owners.

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In case of accident, who will take care of my property? 

08 October 2014

If an accident occurs that causes you to become incapacitated, do you know what will happen? Who will take care of you and your property if you cannot do it anymore? And of your children? Be aware that incapacity can take many forms and can have different intensities. For example, it may be due to a coma following an accident or a degenerative disease. Indeed, the law deals with incapacity in the following terms.

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Snowfall: the syndicates must be vigilant 

23 September 2014

In a recent decision of the Court of Quebec, small claims division 1, the Court decided that a syndicate of co-owners could be held liable for damage caused by falling snow from its roof, but could avoid liability if it proves having committed no fault.

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Residential Sales Decrease in August in the Montréal Area  

08 September 2014

The Greater Montréal Real Estate Board (GMREB) today released its residential sales statistics for the Montréal Census Metropolitan Area (CMA). According to the real estate brokers’ Centris® provincial database, 2,234 residential sales transactions were concluded in August 2014, a 6 per cent decrease compared to August of last year. This drop in sales follows increases of 3 per cent and 2 per cent registered in June and July, respectively.

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The Court orders the co-owner not to overload his patio, his parking space, and his condo with goods 

01 August 2014

In a judgement of the Superior Court of Québec1, the Court ordered a co-owner to stop cluttering his patio, garden and parking space with personal property, as well as decrease the amount of furniture items inside his dwelling unit, as this violates the declaration of co-ownership and municipal regulations.

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True or False? Each one of 2 de-facto spouses, after three years together, has rights to the property they live in with one another, despite the fact that it was owned by one spouse only at the beginning. 

16 May 2014

What is mine is yours. “Chako ni changu,” they say, in the language of the Lion King, where everything is beautiful! Outside the cartoon, it is not quite what the law actually provides.

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The co-owner cuts trees and clears the landscape in the common portions and the Court sentences him to pay damages to the Syndicate 

08 May 2014

The Syndicate of co-ownership consists of ten privative portions, and luxury townhouses backed by a railway. A cedar hedge of a height of about 40 feet serves as a visual screen that hides the view of the railway track and of the other houses on the other side thereof.

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Spring is upon us, with the sound of hammers 

22 April 2014

With the snow melting the song of birds reaches us, but also the sound of hammers.

Indeed, the season of renovations begins. Whether it be planned or not, it is important to take a break to ensure ourselves that everything runs smoothly.

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