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Training courses for directors of syndicates of co-ownership

Take advantage of our expertise and attend training courses tailored for directors of syndicates of co-ownership. Here are some examples of some themes:
The Declaration of co-ownership and How a divided co-ownership operates The Declaration of co-ownership and How a divided co-ownership operates

  • Budgets and the Contingency fund
  • Decision making bodies: the Board of directors and the General meeting of the co-owners
  • Insurance coverage and managing an insurance claim and related re-construction and repair work
  • Labour relations between the syndicate and its employees
  • Management of renovation and construction projects

Website specialized in real estate and property law

Avantages Condo also features a website specialized in essential information and development regarding co-ownership.

Consultations with specialized attorney

Thanks to our legal consultation services, our team of specialized attorneys can inform and provide legal counsel you when questions or problems arise, and guide you regarding the right steps to take. (1)

Monthly electronic newsletter

The best way to stay informed of developments and to be proactive, as well as to take advantage of special offers from our business partners!

Free "Avantages Condo" kit

Upon becoming a member you will receive a free "Avantages Condo" membership kit containing sample and template documents essential for the proper management of your co-ownership such as: notices to co-owners, notices of General or Special meetings, sample minutes of the general meeting of the co-owners or of the directors, and sample notice of special assessment

Declaration of co-ownership

Be sure that your declaration of co-ownership conforms to all legal requirements regarding its content and presentation. (1)

Annual registration

Every syndicate of co-ownership must conform to the Loi sur la publicité légale des entreprises, L.R.Q, c. P 44.1
Let our team of professionals take care of your syndicate's annual registration by preparing all of the documents required to update its registration with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec (REQ)  (1)

Legal hypothecs

We can prepare and file a legal hypothec for the syndicate in cases where a co-owner is late or refuses to pay their share of the common expenses. (1)

How to run an efficient general meetinf of the co-owners?

Our team can provide you information on the running of a general meeting of the co-owners and the related powers and duties of the board of directors and of the general meeting of co-owners.
Our team is available to attend and act as support for the Board of directors at general meetings of the co-owners, as well as Board of director meetings. (1)

Insurance trustee service

Under the terms of article 1075 of the Québec Civil Code, the insurance indemnity payable to the syndicate by its insurer following a substantial loss to the building must be held by a trustee named in the consituting act portion of the declaration of co-ownership, or chosen by the syndicate if one is not named.

Our insurance trustee service will help to reduce your worry and workload when a major loss occurs to the building. (1)


Co-ownership judgement summary archive

Looking for a judgement in particular? You'll probably find the most pertinent ones in our court judgement summary archive.

A syndicate's Avantages Condo membership fee constitutes a common charge for the co-ownership.

It's a saving, not an expense !

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(1) Certain conditions apply.


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