• Quebec Landlords Association  

    logo Association des propriétaires du Québec

    The largest landlord association in québec!

    The APQ (Association des propriétaires du Québec – Québec Landlords’ Association) was founded in 1984 and has more than 8000 members. Its mission has always been to defend and protect the interests of rental unit building owners in Québec.

    All APQ members can benefit from numerous advantages of their Association. One of these includes legal services provided by full-time lawyers. Member landlords are thus able to take advantage of lower legal rates should they require representation at the Régie du logement.

  • Ges-Mar inc.  
    gestion immobilière Ges-Mar

    By choosing Ges-Mar Inc. you choose the quality of an efficient and cost effective management

    As professional property managers since 1983, Ges-Mar Inc. has developed an efficient management approach based on profitability and on satisfying your management needs. Ges-Mar inc. is presently managing more than 2,000 housing units in Quebec as well as commercial and industrial properties in the Greater Montreal Area

  • Boxes and truck  
    Boxes and truck

    Let us guide you to a successful change of address

    Boxes and truck provides information necessary for a successful change of address for both tenants, landlords and co-owners.


  • Société d'habitation du québec  


    Societe d'habitation du Quebec

    The Société d'habitation du Québec is the Québec government’s principal advisor on habitat issues, and falls under the authority of Laurent Lessard, Minister of Municipal Affairs, Regions and Land Occupancy.  The SHQ prepares and implements policies and programs in the housing sector, and is also responsible for the largest social housing inventory in Québec.
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)  
    Société canadienne d'hypothèques et de logement (SCHL)  Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is Canada’s national housing agency. Established as a government-owned corporation in 1946 to address Canada’s post-war housing shortage, the agency has grown into a major national institution. CMHC is Canada’s premier provider of mortgage loan insurance, mortgage-backed securities, housing policy and programs, and housing research.


  • Régie du logement  

    Régie du logement

    The Régie du logement is a specialized tribunal that has competence in residential lease matters. Its mission consists in deciding the applications that have been submitted within the framework of simple rules of procedure that respect natural justice; in informing the citizens on their rights and obligations related to the lease so as to avoid that conflicts occur due to the ignorance of the law; in promoting conciliation between landlords and tenants.

    The Régie also keeps a watch, in certain circumstances, on the conservation of the housing stock and, in those cases, makes sure that the rights of the tenants are protected.


  • Canada Revenu Agency  
    Agence de revenu du Canada

    The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) administers:

    •      tax laws for the Government of Canada and for most provinces and territories; and

    •     various social and economic benefit and incentive programs delivered through the tax system.


  • Revenu Québec  
    Revenu québec

    Learn about income taxes, support payments as well as programs and credits for individuals and self-employed persons.

  • Société québécoise d'information juridique  
    Société québécoise d'information juridique

    Founded in 1976 by the Government of Quebec, and attached to the Department of Justice, SOQUIJ's mission is to:

    •     collect, analyze, distribute, and publish legal information originating from courts and other bodies,

    •     present this information in the most complete and up-to-date form possible, while ensuring optimal organization and ease of access;

    •     offer unrivalled expertise, user-friendly tools, exhaustive content, and excellent customer service;

    •     for the benefit of its clients in the legal community, the business world, the workplace, and the general public.